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MBBS in Philippines is getting popular among Indian students who do not wish to study an additional language such as required in MCI recognized medical colleges or universities in China or European countries like Russia. This is due to the fact that, Philippines is an English speaking country. More than 95% of the people speaks English language. MBBS in Philippines review also became popular because the medical seats in China get generally filled up by June end. The various universities in Philippines are now recognised by MCI. Hence, the Indian students have started going to University of Perpetual Help, Bicol Medical college, Angeles Medical University etc. is among one of the top medical universities in Philippines.MBBS Philippines India is also a good option.Philippines medical college fees would range anywhere between 11-18 lakh. The cheapest medical school in the Philippines would cost even lesser. Thus, even though the cost of medical school in the Philippines is less, the quality of education they offer is also very less compared to other MCI recognized medical colleges abroad.

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Right since the industrial revolution, Spain and then USA controlled the Philippines. Accordingly, English language is widely spoken after the native language. The country is made up of many islands. Manila and Cebu are large cities in Philippines. Philippines has a smaller population such as 98 Million. Students face the huge problem since the patient inflow in the hospitals is very low.There is a huge Philippines medical college list. The cost of medical education in Philippines is not very expensive.

There are many medical colleges in Philippines including University of Perpetual Help but the hospital sizes are like private medical colleges in India. The climate matches almost like Indian weather. There is a growing range of MBBS colleges in the Philippines. Studying in Philippines and more precisely, study MBBS in Philippines is a growing topic of discussion among the Indian students for top medical universities in Philippines. Students must be very careful in their selection to pursue Philippines MBBS at MCI approved medical universities in Philippines.

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The basic criteria for getting into a medical university in Philippines is that the minimum academic records of the students in Physics – Chemistry – Biology (PCB) at 10+2 level in Science stream are 60%. In order to get MBBS admission in Philippines, the Indian students must reach there before 25th September. Study medicine in Philippines is an affordable option for students who wish to pursue their MBBS in abroad.

MBBS in USA as an Alternative


Your Budget (Rs) Suggested Country
10-15 Lacs Kyrgyzstan
10-15 Lacs China (B+ Grade)
15-20 Lacs China (A Grade)
15-20 Lacs Russia (A Grade)
20-30 Lacs Ukraine
20-30 Lacs Bangladesh
20-30 Lacs Georgia
20-30 Lacs Philippience
30-40 Lacs Nepal
30-40 Lacs Mauritius
40-50 Lacs Poland
50 – 60 Lacs USA


  • Tuition fees for the entire MBBS course
  • Hostel accommodation for the entire course
  • Food and Living cost through the course
  • Miscellaneous Costs including

We represent more than 50 Medical universities from various countries. However, these are TOP 10 Universities from suggested on various parameters. Though studying medicine in America is an expensive proposition, it is still beneficial to the Indian students and costs lesser than Indian private medical colleges

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